Monday, 29 July 2013

Do You Need A Fabric Steamer?

Ironing is a chore most people would like to eliminate, but can a fabric steamer replace the iron? Well, perhaps not entirely, but fabric steamers make life very easy in many ways.

Ironing actually flattens the fibers of your clothing and that's what produce crisp, sharp creases. Cotton responds well to ironing. Steam relaxes the fiber sand is gentler on clothing.

Some advantages of using a steamer:
- Steaming is faster than ironing.
- Steaming takes less effort than ironing.
- There's no need to use an unwieldy ironing board.
- Steamers drastically cut dry cleaning bills.
- Steaming is safe for delicate fabrics like silk and satin.
- Steaming is especially good for napped fabrics like velvet, restoring the sumptuous texture.
- Steaming works well on fabrics that are in situ so to speak, like drapes and furniture.
- Steaming will not scorch fabric.
- Steaming will prolong the life of your garments as it is gentle on fabric.
- Steaming will lift pet hair from furniture.
- Steaming will kill dust mites on mattresses and pillows.
- Steaming will remove pet , food and smoking odors in minutes.
- Compact steamers are a godsend for travelers.

Tips on using a steamer effectively:
- Fill the fabric steamer reservoir with water, plug in and heat appliance until the light goes on (or off, depending on your steamer model).
- Hang the garment from a convenient hook, which allows all-round access.
- Always hold steamer in an upright position.
- Beginning at the top of the garment, hold the steamer about 6 inches from the garment. Do not bring the fabric steamer closer to the fabric than this as it may result in water spots or steam marks.
- Move the steamer down the length of the fabric, gently removing all creases.
- Should more steam be required, unplug the appliance, refill and once again wait until the steamer indicates it is ready for use.
- Ensure that the steamer is empty of all water before packing away.

Some watchpoints:
- Do not let the steamer run dry - this damages the heating element.
- Never add cold water to a hot steamer.
- Do not add perfume to the steamer. It's a fabulous idea but may end up clogging the apparatus.
- Use filtered water if the water in your area is particularly hard, which will prevent clogging and lime build up.

So think twice before sending that iron and board to Goodwill - there are times when your steamer won't rise to the occasion but there is a compelling argument for investing in a fabric steamer.

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